This is me. Christina L. Schmidt the summer of 2018. A year and a half after publishing my first book, and a year and a half after giving up writing. Putting yourself out there is really difficult. Sharing a personal project with anyone and everyone is scary.  So after a short break, and deleting blog posts and websites and ideas and progress, I'm starting over. 

Places and Things Resumé... Born and raised in Minnesota, just outside the Twin Cities in the small town of Buffalo. I can't quite kick the accent. A few years in my early twenties in TX; Comfort, Boerne, Round Rock, AUSTIN. Back to MN for a dark and twisty and very cold few years. Then to Colorado which felt like coming home. In between this CO life, I ran back to Austin for a bit, and also then a visitor's Visa worth of time in Italy. Feels like longer. I wish it was.

I've always spent time writing. I wrote short stories as a child and into my teens, until I discovered my passion for film, and decided I wanted to write my own movies. Screenwriting lasted for many years, and it's still on the plate. I have so many finished scripts I've only shelved.

I'm certified in a slew of creative things like event planning and screenwriting, and finally in my late twenties, I decided I didn't believe I could be successful until I had a real degree, and then another and another. I'm still not there yet, but I will be. I did earn my Bachelor's degree in English: Writing and Cinema Studies, and it was a blast! I hope to earn my Master's in Counseling sooner than later.

I'm obsessed with the Colorado sunshine (Happiness looks like a rooftop in Denver in the warm season with a sassy drink and a view of not just the mountains, but also Red Rocks in Morrison, my favorite spot. A close second would be Vail, my favorite place on earth! (Although, Dublin, Verona, Venice, Milan and Paris come close...oh, and Napa. And Cabo.) Colorado people are so friendly, and that's because we have the best weather and the best views. Sunshine keeps people smiling. 

Falling Like Ember is my first novel. I'm working on the second. In addition to another few projects.

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